A cloudy Sunny day

Happy Sunday! 

There have been a few things that I have not been able to put into words, which sometimes takes longer then others.

Like my hair, that I mentioned I cut off a few inches, and how I had been considering making some changes. Truthfully that was something in the back of my mind for maybe a year. There hadn’t been much time with school to think about anything other then what is necessary, yet I also realized I was being provoked to thinking about certian topics in a different way then I word normally.

(Inserting photo from that blogpost here tonight.)

With some choices, it is good to take that time, or to seek that clarity on our thoughts. Thankfully changed to things like our hair is changeable, but other things are not.  Which is one of the reasons I have been slower to somethings, which currently most relates to careers, creativity, and faith. There MAY BE some big things coming, like a book, (I think I called it Oy to Joy in that post) some group activities, or just some interesting blogpost coming. 


Some of those ideas, I am keeping silent on, as I need more clarity. However here is a glimpse into one of those ideas (a website) I have been briefly talking about with friends and family, which is still in its early stages. It was made with the intension of making my thoughts about this idea more clear, but we will see if it can be turned either into a community blog, or maybe a business. If this does not work out though, I still have an idea for an autobiography! Which is in its’ early stages too, but maybe neither of these ideas are solo projects.

Those are two ideas that I can kind of see, and be hopeful that one day they can be seen fully, yet time will be the big revealer there! With any big idea, there is hope that it can be more then a dream, or hope that idea can make the day potentially better. Kind of like the cloudy day outside, when we wonder if it’s going to rain, or will the sun come out?

Keep looking up, stay hopeful,


Coffee Motivation

I have been trying, and hoping to get closer this week to finding a job, finish some art projects, and to do some other things. However things pop up, and I deal with them as best as possible, and as kindly as possible.Ā After writing this part of the post a situation popped up, now I am realizing that this is one of the last photos of that decorative phone case I’ll have.img_0821

Like in the case of my cell phone, it got submerged in water, and my best drying efforts couldn’t save it. I had been in a coffee shop working on some things and I stopped to take a break, were I accidentally launched my phone into a container of water.

Thank God I was able to get to the store within a half hour, and get the help from some kind professionals, AND my new phone was under $30 bucks!! If I was going to have something inconvenient happen, I am glad it happen in the best possible place, at the best possible time. IF it had be just an hour earlier then I would have missed out on some Ā job opportunities, and if this had happen outside of a coffee shop it could have been SOOO much messier. Like the park outside has some dirtier fountains.Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.51.19 PM

There is always a reason to be thankful! Even in those moments of panic, it can be turned around for the better!Ā It can be more then a silver lining, like in one of my favorite bible stories which summarizes it’s self in this verseĀ Deuteronomy 23:5 (it is one of my favorite, because it has a talking donkey in it, and it’s a pretty short easy read.)

-Nevertheless, the LORD your God was not willing to listen to Balaam, but the LORD your God turned the curse into a blessing for you because the LORD your God loves you

I have seen a few stories like that recently, through friends and fellow bloggers. One of which I mentioned in a previous post, and her story is still continuing, but it’s A LOT more inspiring!! http://www.linnysaunders.com

Sometimes I imagine that everyone has a story of disasters turning into blessing, but even when we cannot quite see it, IF we are open to it there can be major blessings!!

Until next time!!šŸ’ā˜•ļø



Wednesday~ a moment of reflection.


I think one of things I learned the most during my time at Moore, was about leadership. Of course there was a bit more about things like art or art education, but within the realm of leadership I learned a lot too.

Leadership takes many different forms, even within art education, but being a leader takes a lot! It’s not always just about the energy it take, or the time and material, but it takes thing like patience, and a proper attitude too.


With art education, like any teaching job we realize that learning is not just a one person thing, and like art learning can be use for a broad range of things. Like the art that was shown of first to the students, then in my college art gallery, and then in the schools ‘gallery,’ some things can be shared time and time again.


While I was teachingĀ I saw how some lessons, ideas and other things can impact a student, a class or a family. However my impact might never be the same that a parent can have. Which is why I have grown to deeply respect parents, families, and the people that take on that life long leadership role.


That ideaĀ of being a life long leader is something I wanted to touch on for mother’s day, or the following day, but thankfully I was able to say to a few ladies how much they matter, and how beautiful their job is! Their job offers some of the deepest and purest life lessons (or as proverbs 2 says hidden treasure.)

They teach us lessons about things even on simple things like fashion, or self care. Which is one of the things I am personally thankful for this week.img_0953

Proverbs 14:1 ~Ā 1 Peter 3:4 ~Ā Colossians 3:24 ~Ā Isaiah 40:31


The times they are a changing

Three days in a row I had events, but there have been lots of other things on the to-do list recently! Happy mothers day to all mothers, and graduation, and birthdays for all who are celebrating!

Like finally get a hair cut, and not a trim like I got back in December/ January! I have an idea on how long I want my hair to be and what kind of style I might get, which is why I thought I would experiment for a few hours with this hair length. Right now at the link that it’s at if I don’t like it I can still change it, kind a like a fashion style. Then there some other changes coming as well, like some of the artwork I made in college, I am now painting over it and turning it into something different. Otherwise I’m not changing I have another plan for, like I am partnering up with a friend to raise some funds for charity.

But that announcement I will make soon, until then you can see a preview picture here. There Will also be a link to the site, and I hope you consider going to the vent which will be online, either Facebook or through an external site, like WordPress.  


(Oddly enough I am having trouble uploading the photo, so i guess that will be tomorrows blogpost.)

Until next time, 


Caps and gowns

Graduation is in two days, and somehow there is one paper left to write! So of course all my college colleagues are stressed and excited, but so am I, although more excited.

Since there’s some time left I gave myself one more art project, to design a graduation cap. I tried to get my classmates to decorate there’s, and through the conversation I ended up deciding on adding a crown, and scripture. Specifically Proverbs 2. Hopefully those who decided to add decoration will let me feature them on the blog, but they are trying to keep it a secret…

I may have a surprise too, but if so that will be posted Sunday. If you share this post there will be a surprise for you!



It was my last day of student teaching, and saying goodbye isn’t always easy. Although it was emotional , I am glad that student and teachers were glad to have me as an art teacher. The card that is purple was made by me for my cooperating teacher, in the message above is from student you was learning about sunsets. Which is why she to sunset in a little corner of her page, and that I’ve been why I added some symbols around thank you on my handmade card, as I knew that would be special for my cooperating teacher as well. You are more final things to come, like final exams, yet it is an awkward goodbye!

I am still hopeful for all of them, just as I am hopeful for many other people in life, and even though I might not see them again it was worth it. 

It was a blessing, 


Story time

Even though I have been wearing the storyteller earrings for over a year barely a person ask about them in. Today I finally got to tell a short story about how I got these, and why I was wearing them, and that was not because they asked either, but rather because they matched my shirt.

I got these when I worked at the Grand Canyon a year or two ago, selling Native American arts and crafts. This was one of the things I was able to take back with me, and I had hoped they would allow me to talk about the artists and the craft. The Story Tellers are nice, but if you are curious to find out more about them, you can read about them here:

The reason I am not telling the story, is partly because some other writters may tell it better, but also since a third-grader who asked was not really curious, they just wanted to see what they were, and we went out a time. Hopefully you are interested in them or other cultural crafts, but it’s up to you how far do you want to explore the meaning and purpose. Then it is up to you to use that info to share their stories, or keep it to yourself! If you were a little more curious about the background surrounding the storytellers in the picture, I updated my photo editing app and add some cool new features. However if I want the old features that I am missing, I know have to pay for them, so I am explain what kind a new images can be made for freešŸ˜’

Happy Monday, stay motivated!

ā¤ļøJuliana (Psalm 66:14-20)


Resuming sounds a lot like resume, or I’m sure there are many more where is it could be somewhere, but that similarity or is it one of the thoughs distracting me from getting this teachers portfolio finished. Now it is almost funished as I have three last pages to print before the 5pm deadline. 

Then there’s two more major assignments before that rĆ©sumĆ© (and portfolio) can help me return to the work force.šŸ˜‰ I also hope that this portfolio can help out with some other non-school related projects, like hopefully to host an event or two related to visual literacy, since I hope to start showing off how art can be a tool for growth, beauty, and for other wholesome things. 

However there are a lot of wholesome, or good things are on their way. It can be like carrying a good book with you, you might not know when you’ll have a chance to bring it out, but there will be a time when you can slow down enough to read. Which is something that almost happened recently, as I had a The Good book in my purse, and during a moment of talking to a friend, she asked to read it, and keep it.

Be restful, even without rest

It’s the final stretch, last assignments are being completed, things are NOT finished yet though. Which is whyĀ perseverance matters, I cannot give up in the last few moments.

There was an art show meant to celebrate the senior hard work, and their unique creative vision. Then hopefully soon there is more to come! I have a some surprises planned, that I hope to announce soon.. so stay tuned in for that.


I know I posted this 6 days ago, BUT if you share that post you will see a preview of the finished work… For that post, if you share other post, different images may pop up as for surprises on those post.

Other then that I HADĀ another blogpost planned, but I realize I still need to pace myself. like with summer plans, there are things I want to do and try, but time will be just as much of a factor.

As for that planned post I had given a preview to some friends and followers on Instagram, but with the amount of writing that these assignments need, it may be better to just let the photos speak for themselves.


Until next time,

ā¤ Juliana

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Work it

Thamkfully the weekend can be a restful time, which has been needed, but the week has started again, and the work load isn’t any easier. But as long as we keep working it will get done!

As for the art work that I have been talking about for months, it is now installed, and I have a time-lapse video I am thinking of posting here soon. It is not my favorite work, but I made it fit with the thesis, and it incorperates the ideas of my teachers, other artists, and me.

Until I post it here is a preview of some of the work that went into it, which is mostly the drawings I am using to figure out how to talk about the work.